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My First Music Performance

   My first music performance were performed by me an my best friends in 2006. I performed it with my music band, X5 Band in Ikasmanthree Ceremony at SMAN 3 Padang. The personils of X5 Band are Victor (me) as vocalist and accoustic guitarist, Mardo as lead guitarist, Getra as drummer and Lope as additional bassist ( I miss u all, my friends!!!). Lope wasn’t crew in X5 Bands, they just helped me and Mardho in this performance because the other crew, Ijul were sick. X5 is our class in SMAN 3 Padang, except Lope. X5 Band contains some handsome boys from West Sumatera who have muliti-talents(don’t say comment about it). We can performed all kinds of musics genre such as: pop, rock, punk, blues and the other best, except dangdut, because dangdut can affects or brain stability.(dangdut make us “odong-odong”). We usually performed a romantic love songs. We were romantic boys as romantic as Shakespears, Kahlil Gibran, and the other. 
   I didn’t believe, there were many people who shouted arround us. We started the performance very well. In the first, I said hello to audiences, “Assalamualaikum, Smanthree!!!!!!!”. Then they answered,“Waalaikum Salam……, OK, The best, onde mande, yess”.(it is my school yel-yel). We performed it without good-prepairing. Although we looked so-nice and so-cool, but in our body, we heard voices (like this:dak, dik, dak, dik, duk) very fast. We were nervous. 
   We performed three songs that popular songs in 2006. The first song is Punk Hari Ini”SID”. I cann’t forgot a fun-moment in this performed. I forgot the song lyric in the middle performance. I was panic, but it didn’t decrease my confident. I just said”na, na…,na,na….” to fill the missing lyric.(thanks God for the solution and thanks God for my smart-brain ). Then, we performed two songs from “Slank” are “Mars Slankers” and “Ku Tak Bisa”. In this performed, we didn’t make a mistake again. 
   The last song, spesial I sang for my beatiful-love-girl, (i forgot her name), but i will always remember our memories. 
   I felt a soft-power in my heart when we performed the all song. We knew that our performance wasn’t perfect. We felt happy because our performance were enjoyed the audiences. 
   In my opinion, most spirit can be created by the musics because musics is one of emotion-stabilisher. If the heart didn’t fell good, songs and musics is the best solution to stabilish it.

Keep Spirit,
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